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Artesia Public School

Special Education and Enrichment 

The Artesia Public Schools Special Education Department provides resources to assist students with disabilities. We work within the educational setting to help each student reach his or her potential and become a productive member of society. The special education department serves students with a wide range of disabilities as well as students in our gifted programs.

Special Education Services

We provide support to parents, teachers, and principals in the provision of special education services at each school in Artesia Public School District. Our specialized staff provides consultation support to Student Assistance Teams, conducts evaluations, and develops Individual Education Plans (IEP) in compliance with state and federal laws.

Special education services range from consultation and direct services in the general education classroom to pullout services and small group self-contained classrooms with specialized instruction and curriculum. In addition, we provide special education services to special needs preschool children aged three to four years old as well as young adults with disabilities through the post-school career preparation program.

Qualifying for Special Education Services

We coordinate all special education services through the special education department upon receiving a referral from the Student Assistance Team (SAT) or IEP team.

Special Education Staff

Cody Hanagan
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Naomi Perkins
Special Education Secretary
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Cari Jowers
Preschool Transition Coordinator, Child Find, Diagnostician - Grand Heights, Head Start
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Donna Hammer
Diagnostician - AIS, AJHS (8th grade)
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Tina Holleman
Diagnostician - Central, Hermosa, Yucca
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Brenda McKnight
Diagnostician - Yeso, Roselawn
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Kristy Hamilton
Speech Language Pathologist - AHS
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Lauryn Waits
Speech Language Pathologist - Yucca, Head Start
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Melissa Plotner
Speech Language Pathologist - Hermosa, AIS
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Jamie Barnett
Medicaid Secretary/Records
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Shawna Braswell
COTA, Assistive Technology - Central, AJHS, AHS
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Elizabeth Torres
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Olga Fernandez
COTA - Roselawn, Grand Heights
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Rudy Calderon
Occupational Therapist - Hermosa, Yucca, AYS
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Ciarra Marrufo
Diagnostician - 9th Grade, AHS
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Tiffany Hall
Speech Language Pathologist - Grand Heights
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Vanessa Rolston
Assistant Speech Language Pathologist - Yucca, Self-Contained classrooms
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Tiffany Ortiz
Speech Language Pathologist - Roselawn, AJHS
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Chris Padilla
Speech Language Pathologist - Grand Heights
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Special Education Contractors

Please contact Cody Hanagan, Special Education Director by email or at (575) 746.2777 for assistance with our special education contractors.

Ciro Speech Therapy - Andrea Ciro and Vanessa Harvey
Yeso, Central

Yukie Ebara
Contractor - Audiologist

Gail Melpolder
Contractor - Orientation and Mobility

Comp Health
Contractor - Physical Therapy